New Years Resolutions

I have a new system:  Monthly resolutions.  I think these work much better than the yearly New Years Resolutions variety.  As I look back on 2015, I’m pleased with my accomplishments-some I never expected. For example, I never expected to write and complete my first novel.  I toyed with the idea, but I never actually sat down with pen in hand and a plan to make it happen. So how did it happen?  I sat down at my computer in March, and resolved to write 1000 words a day (not counting weekends.)  This system worked.  My goal was measurable, and doable.  Now I have 5 agents who have requested to read my novel.  And now I wait.  But no, I need to do more than wait.  That’s where January Resolutions kick in. Here they are:

1. Send queries for my novel The Surrogate to 50 more literary agencies.  (I have 28 so far-not nearly enough.) Also-continue to revise adding more words!

2.  Work with M.D. to complete/revise book proposal for Heinemann.  This book is called All I need to know about teaching kids to write I learned from reading Charlotte’s Web. The challenge will be to get M.D. to commit to a meeting to kick things off.

3. Lose 4 pounds.  I know-not easy.  I’m exercising like a crazy woman-I have a trainer, work out between 3-6 times a week, walk a lot. But my diet is the problem.  So for January:  Limit alcohol to 4 drinks a week (as opposed to every night), start with Blue Apron to eat healthier dinners, and avoid desserts!  That includes hot chocolate with whipped cream, damn it.

4.   Catch up with my bookkeeping duties for RBK.  I could do this in one day if I set my mind to it.

5.  Refine curriculum for Mediation Training-for Children’s Law Center.

6. Start “Tidying up” system with papers in study.  Just papers.  I can do it!

7. Finally: Schedule colonoscopy.  Just do it.

8.  Finally: Keep writing-get back on track with 1000 words a day-new year, new novel.  New month, new resolution.


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