Another Retirement Challenge

Yes it’s been months since my last post.  Since then I completed my first novel, traveled throughout the south of France with my amazing husband, joined a children’s writing critique group (we are called The Children’s Writing Collective), and I finally joined Facebook.  Of all those accomplishments, joining Facebook has been the most challenging.  I’m sure there’s a book out there called Facebook for Dummies, but I need something even more basic.  I need immediate help.

Why is my inbox inundated with requests to be my friend?  I know most of these people, I love most of these people, and I certainly don’t want to offend anyone.  But here’s my dilemma:  Will accepting their Facebook friendship morph into more demands on my time?  Okay I know I’m retired, but I don’t want to spend hours of my day on Facebook.

What if I just leave my Facebook page dormant-no postings, no pictures, no responses?  Is that acceptable practice?  What am I supposed to be sharing?  (OMG-just got another text from someone who wants to be my friend.  Don’t want to break his heart but. . . I may have to at the very least hurt his feelings.)  So I guess this is actually an existential problem: Why did I join Facebook?  What’s the purpose?  I joined as a requirement of my new Children’s Writing Collective group.  I expect there will be benefits.  But really, do I have to bare my soul?   Isn’t writing a blog enough?   Does the whole wide world need to know that I am off to my Barre class now and that it’s raining in Connecticut and I had Shredded Wheat for breakfast-with a sliced banana?

More tomorrow.


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